SPR 2023 - Scientific VI-A: GU (Non-CME)

SPR 2023 - Scientific VI-A: GU (Non-CME)

Moderators: Susan J. Back, MD, FAAP and Cassandra Sams, MD

  • Keynote Presentation - Radiology Mid-level Providers in Pediatric Fluoroscopy - Michael D. Rubin, MD
  • #113 | Comparison of Retrograde Urethrogram and Voiding Cystourethrogram in Evaluating Patients Who Have Undergone Female-To-Male Affirming Bottom Surgery - Michelle LaRosa, MD
  • #114 | Evaluation of Female-To-Male Affirming Bottom Surgery Focusing on the Evolution of Fluoroscopic Findings During the Postoperative Course: A Single Center Experience - Michelle LaRosa, MD
  • #115 | The Twisted Testicle - Haran Rajeswaran, MD
  • #116 | Correlation Between MR Urography Functional Parameters and Whitaker Test Pressure Gradient in Obstructed and Non-Obstructed Morphologic UPJ Hydronephrosis - Joo Y. Cho, MD
  • #117 | Imaging Fibrosis in Pediatric Kidney Transplant: A Prospective Study of Advanced Quantitative MRI - Tatiana Morales-Tisn├ęs, MD
  • Additional Discussion and Q&A

No CME Credit is offered for this session.

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SPR 2023 - Scientific VI-A: GU (Non-CME)
Open to view video.
Open to view video.