SPR 2023 - Scientific V-C: Interventional (Non-CME)

SPR 2023 - Scientific V-C: Interventional (Non-CME)

Moderators: Gulraiz Chaudry, MBChB and Anna P. Lillis, MD, PhD

  • Keynote Presentation - Head to Toe: New Innovations in IR - Manraj K. S. Heran, MD
  • #104 | Characterization and Treatment of Thoracic Duct Obstruction in Patients with Lymphatic Flow Disorders - Abhay Srinivasan, MD
  • #105 | Image-Guided Interstitial Bleomycin Injections to Treat Challenging Vascular Malformations - Annie E. Gill, MD
  • #106 | Image-Guided Biopsy for the Diagnosis and Molecular Profiling of Hepatoblastoma - Sean Schoeman, MBChB
  • #107 | Size-Adjusted Pleural Effusion Quantification in Children - Brian Lightwine, DO
  • #108 | CT Angiography for Acute Pediatric GI Hemorrhage: A Search for Best Practices - Clinton Veselis, MD
  • #109 | Diagnostic Imaging of Osteoid Osteoma in Children and Adolescents: 13-Year Experience from a Large Tertiary Children’s Hospital - Jade Iwasaka-Neder, MD
  • #110 | Imaging of Verrucous Venous Malformation - Clayton Li, MD
  • #111 | Non-Central Nervous System Embolization in Neonates and Infants - Abhay Srinivasan, MD
  • #112 | Image Guided Abscess Drainage in the Setting of Acute Perforated Appendicitis in the Pediatric Population - Aravind Somasundaram, MD
  • Additional Discussion and Q&A

No CME Credit is offered for this session.

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SPR 2023 - Scientific V-C: Interventional (Non-CME)
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Open to view video.